Samest meeting 19.05.2016

Participants: Heiki-Jaan, Heli, Jaak, Jack, Sjur, Trond.


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No meeting.


3 meetings. H-J has committed experimental work to gt svn. The experimental code now compiles. The parallel forms in the main branch have not progressed.

Now building out the alternative in full form, to compare the two.


Two meetings. Topic: Tag adjustment between fin.fst and the other fst-s. We adjusted tags for pronouns, and discussed other tag issues as well.

Finnish deviates from the other fst-s in several respects:

  • The tags are to a lesser degree syntactically tuned.
  • There are case markings in adverbs that are hard to uphold.

It seems that fin would adjust to sme and est. An issue at hand: Pcle vs. Adv.

There seems to be a master student in Tartu who wants to work on fin2est translation.

Two ways:

  1. Write a script to change the tags from fin to est/sme conventions.
  2. Change the code.


The vro group has made progress.

  • Two abstracts to the Läänemeresoome conference, one about vro Oahpa and one about vro fst.
  • Continuous work on the FST.
  • New QA templates for verb negation in MorfaC (due to two alternative possibilities to express negation in Võru, both in the present and in the past tense).
  • Planning to add pronounciation to Leksa. There is a dictionary with sound files, we may use it. Heli uses experiences from crk Oahpa (nehiyawetan, Plains Cree) for that.

Estonian Oahpa

No progress there.


Baltic HLT, abstract deadline May 30, final article deadline August 1st. Papers on our project fit well into this conference. Let's write!

Next meeting

Thursday, June 9, at 10.00 AM Estonian time.