Divvun and Giellatekno team members

An overview of all people, both past and present, who have worked with Saami language technology, with contact info for those currently working on our projects. There is also some info about other contact points.

Members of the teams

Member Group Main task e-mail (replace space with dot)
Sjur Nørstebø Moshagen Divvun Manager sjur n moshagen at uit no
Maja Lisa Kappfjell Divvun Linguistics maja lisa kappfjell at uit no
Thomas Omma Divvun Linguistics thomas omma at uit no
Elena Paulsen Divvun Linguistics elena j paulsen at uit no
Inga Mikkelsen Divvun Linguistics inga l mikkelsen at uit no
Linda Wiechetek Divvun Linguistics
Børre Gaup Divvun Everything but project management :-) borre gaup at uit no
Trond Trosterud Giellatekno Head of group, linguistics trond trosterud at uit no
Lene Antonsen Giellatekno Linguistics lene antonsen at uit no
Chiara Argese Giellatekno Programmer chiara argese at uit no

Former team members, other info

Ways of getting in touch with us:

Please use e-mail as a first contact point if you want to use Skype or Zulip.