Translation Memory

This page contains resources for use in Computer-assisted translation (CAT) software (cf. the English Wikipedia article for an explanation, as well as this comparison of CAT software.

Translation memories

We have made translation memories for several language pairs. The collections are in the so-called tmx format, and can be used by all CAT programs listed in the software comparison article quoted above. For easy access we have listed them below (control-click (right-click) on the tmx file you want and download it). The sentence pairs are mainly taken from official documents.

Language pair Updated (
Finnish - Inari Saami 08.03.2017
Finnish - North Saami 08.03.2017
Finnish - Norwegian 01.03.2019
Finnish - Skolt Saami 21.03.2017
Finnish - South Saami 23.06.2020
North Saami - Inari Saami 09.03.2017
North Saami - Lule Saami 28.02.2019
North Saami - Norwegian 08.03.2017
North Saami - South Saami 28.08.2019
Norwegian - Finnish 01.03.2019
Norwegian - Lule Saami 05.01.2021
Norwegian - North Saami 05.01.2021
Norwegian - South Saami 05.01.2021
Norwegian - Kven 05.01.2021
Russian - Komi (missing)
South Saami - Norwegian 28.02.2019

If you use OmegaT, add the .tmx file to the tm folder.

Glossary files

Segmentation file

If you translate from North Saami and use OmegaT, you may download a segmentation file, and put it in the omegat folder.