Translation Memory

l We use parallel texts from our corpora both in Korp (SIKOR) and for translation memories. The parallel files are made in the corpus repositories (see the Corpus documentation for info on how to make them).

Translation memories

We also bundle all parallel files together and put them in a folder called omegat ( We store the translation memories into the tm subfolder of each of the language pairs in the omegat folder. The collections are in the so-called tmx format. For easy access we have listed them below (control-click (right-click) on the tmx file you want and download it).

The translation memory files may then be used in programs like the following:

The folders under mt/omegat are built so that they may be downloaded and used as a project folder for OmegaT.

Here are the links to the public pages in English, Finnish, Norwegian, North Saami.