Former Divvun and Giellatekno team members

An overview of all people who have earlier worked with Saami language technology.

Past team members

Member Group Main task(s)
Biret Ánne Bals Baal Giellatekno/Divvun Linguistics
Marja Eira Giellatekno Linguistics
Berit Merete Nystad Eskonsipo Giellatekno/Divvun Linguistics
Ciprian Gerstenberger Giellatekno Programming / Linguistics
Saara Huhmarniemi Giellatekno Programming
Marit Julien Giellatekno Linguistics, syntactic disambiguation and analysis
Ryan Johnson Giellatekno Programmer
Inga Lill Mikkelsen Divvun Linguistics
Steinar Nilsen Giellatekno Linguistics
Ilona Kivinen (Rauhala) Giellatekno & Divvun Linguistics
Maaren Palismaa Divvun Linguistics
Per-Eric Kuoljok Divvun Lule Saami Linguistics
Tomi Pieski Divvun Programming, computational linguistics
Sandra Nystø Rahka Divvun Linguistics
Ritva Nystad Divvun Linguistics
Heli Uibo Giellatekno Programmer