Adverb inflection

Most adverbs are morphologically either sti-derivations of adjectives or some specific form of an existing or archaic noun, and they have limited inflection in form of possessives and clitics carried over. According to modern dictionaries different forms of same root are separate adverbs, so they are not inflected here, but listed in roots.

Adverb possessive back examples:

  • takanani: takana+Adv+PxSg1 (Eng. # behind me)

Adverb possessive front examples:

  • edessäni: edessä+Adv+PxSg1 (Eng. # in front of me)

Adverb possessive back an examples:

  • takanaan: takana+Adv+PxSg3

Adverb possessive back en examples:

  • jalkeilleen: jalkeille+Adv+PxSg3 (Eng. # he awakened)

Adverb possessive front en examples:

  • keskelleen: keskelle+Adv+PxPl3 (Eng. # amidst them)

Adverb possessive front än examples:

  • edessään: edessä+Adv+PxSg3

Adverb clitic back examples:

  • nopeastihan: nopeasti+Adv+Foc/han (Eng. # fast)

Adverb clitic front examples:

  • tyhmästihän: tyhmästi+Adv+Foc/han (Eng. # stupidly)