Documentation of the *-lex.txt files

Documentation of the *-lex.txt files

The smn-lex.txt file

Some basic lexica for nouns and verbs have been added.

The nouns

The file contain a handful of nouns. They are divided into these lexica:

Even-syllable stem

The continuation lexica follow the stem system. The setup is not finished, I am not convinced that the division set up in the dictionary is the optimal one for lexc.

â-, u- and i-stems
As SOLLA, but with vowel lenghtening.
As SOLLA, but splits Nom strong, and Ess, Par stronger.
still pointing to SOLLA.
still pointing to KIETA.

Odd-syllable stems

No CG, no 2nd syll vowel alternation
No CG, but 2nd syll vowel is shortened
No CG, but 2nd syll vowel is shortened or lowered
No CG, but 2nd syll vowel is facultatively shortened
No CG, but 2nd syll vowel is facultatively lenghtened

The adjectives

This is still just a dummy file, with no adjectives added.

The verbs

The copula and negation verb are added, otherwise it is still only a dummy file.

The closed classes

Generating the closed classes typically involves less morphophonology. Since it is idiosyncratic anyway, it does not refer (much) to the twol-smn.txt file. The closed-smn-lex.txt file now contains personal, demonstrative, reflexive and interrogative pronouns.


Dummy file.

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