Adjective-initial Compounds with Agreeing Inflection

The words in dictionary paradigm class ⁵¹ refer to old closed class of adjective initial compounds, which follow agreeing compound pattern same as numbers. The amount of these words is relatively small, so they have been spelled out here in full form rather than using more complex methods of agreeing compounding, Further reading: VISK § 420 FIXME: some are still missing

Old A+N compounds 51 examples:

  • aavameri: aavameri+N+Sg+Nom (Eng. # wide open ocean)
  • aavanmeren: aavameri+N+Sg+Gen
  • aavoissamerissä: aavameri+N+Pl+Ine
  • Iso-Britannia: Iso-Britannia+N+Prop+Sg+Nom (Eng. # Great Britain)
  • Ison-Britannian: Iso-Britannia+N+Prop+Sg+Gen
  • Isoissa-Britannioissa: Iso-Britannia+N+Prop+Pl+Ine