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Documentation of the analyser

The analyser is in an initial state, and contains some hundred verbs, approximately hundred nouns and some pronouns.

Using the analysers


We have so far used the following two sources:

  1. The chart verb paradigms of the web page Anishinaabemowin, Ojibwe Language
  2. The article on Ojibwe grammar on the French Wikipedia
  3. Gikendandaa Ojibwemowin! has lists of different classes of verbs in PDF format, collected from Weshki online ojibwe dictionary

Additional sources to peruse

  • Ojibwe Vocabulary Project, Working Session July 6-8, 2009. Lots of words, but it appears that the encoding is a bit weird and thus hard to export data from the PDF.
  • Kwayaciiwiin has some very big, free dictionaries in both latin and canadian syllabics, and verbs are marked in a roundabout way (otherwise no PoS and inflectional category information)
  • Anton Truer at Bemidji state has collected a fair amount of resources and wordlists, which are published online, however it may be that he would be willing to donate plaintext wordlists as well.