What Is This

This is a grammatical analyser for Kalderash Romani, one of the Vlax Romani languages. It only contain a couple of nouns and a morphology sketch. The source was

Mozes Heinschink & Petra Cech (2011): Sprachbeschreibung Romani – Variante Kaldêrašicko

Note that the ISO code of this catalogue is rmy, the code for Vlax Romani. Strictly speaking it is the wrong code, but we use it while Kalderash is waiting for its own code.

There are several Romani languages, and the language code situation is somewhat chaotic. Here is an overview.

Languare Synonyms ISO 639-3 Glottolog
Romani kale Finnish Romani, Kaale rmf kalo1256
Tavringer Romani resanderomska rmu tavr1235
Traveller Norwegian romani sakripa rmg trav1236
Romani arli arlikane rmn arli1238
Romani kalderaš kelderašicko (rmy) kald1238
Romani lovara lovari, lovaricko (rmy) lova1240

The structure of the source file catalogue is the same for all the languages, it is documented here.

These pages document how to build the parsers. If you want to know how to use them on the command line, read the How to use the morphological parsers page.