Bug reports, errors

This file is no longer in use. It was abandoned with the introduction of the bug report system Bugzilla. This file is kept since the bugs reported have not been migrated to Bugzilla.

Umlaut errors

jaevrie pl Acc

claims jeevride should be jaevride

The same error is recorded for gaerie. Look into this.

Trouble recognising ie...ie nouns

It seems it does not recognise ..ie..ie nouns. bielkie, biehkie, etc. Others work, e.g. jiekie !!??

The error could lie in the different encoding in the lexicon, cf. below. Perhaps we should have had "bE1hkI2", patterning with "jiekie".

jiekie:jE1kI2 N_IE;
biehkie:bI1hkI2 N_IE;
biejjie:bI1jjI2 N_IE;
bielie:bI1lI2 N_IE;

Morphological errors

Generating the illative

The generator gives us two illative suffixes for both bi- and trisyllables, in stead of the intended distribution. Thus, it generates both 'daktarasse' and '*daktarase', both 'maanese' and '*maanasse' (sic! note the errouneous -a- as well), both 'n�jtese' and '*n�jtasse'.

Final -e missing in inessive

The system gives inessives without the final -e. The maana nouns also lose their a/e alternation in the stem vowel.

Errors in the 2nd person personal pronoun

Have a look at the -nn- vs, -tn- alternation, it seems to be not ok.