Digits and such expressions

Digit-strings are used in place of numerals. They inflect with colon, like acronyms, and compound with hyphen only.

Digits are constructed as several cyclic structures: integers, decimals or roman numerals. Zero alone works quite differently:

Digit zero examples:

  • 0: 0+Num+Sg+Nom

int digit loop examples:

  • 13: 13+Num+Card+Sg+Nom
  • 100: 100+Num+Card+Sg+Nom
  • 0000005550000000: 0000005550000000+Num+Card+Sg+Nom

LEXICON ARABICLOOP_pirinen essentially allows any number-sign combination, but is like the other lgs

LEXICON ARABICLOOP_pirinen is for entries not looping back

The digit strings that end in 10 to 12 + 6n 0's are inflected alike:

int digit milliard loop examples:

  • 1000000000: 1000000000+Num+Card+Sg+Nom
  • 300000000000: 300000000000+Num+Card+Sg+Nom
  • 123456000000000000000000: 123456000000000000000000+Num+Card+Sg+Nom

The digit strings that end in 6 to 9 + 6n 0's are inflected alike:

int digit million loop examples:

  • 1000000: 1000000+Num+Card+Sg+Nom
  • 300000000: 300000000+Num+Card+Sg+Nom
  • 123456000000000000000: 123456000000000000000+Num+Card+Sg+Nom

Decimal digit strings start with any number of digits 0 to 9, followed by decimal separator comma. The decimal dot may be allowed as substandard variant.

decimal digit loop examples:

  • 1,0: 1,0+Num+Sg+Nom
  • 314,1: 314,1+Num+Sg+Nom

The decimal digit strings end in any number of digits 0 to 9, inflected along the last part.

decimal digit loop more examples:

  • 3,141: 3,141+Num+Sg+Nom
  • 123,345: 123,345+Num+Sg+Nom

The decimal digit strings with dot may be allowed as sub-standard option with respective analysis.

Roman numerals with inflection

Roman numerals are composed the symbols M, D, C, L, X, V, I in ascending scale and some combinations, they denote ordinal numbers and inflect like ones.

Main lexicon for roman digits

This lexicon divides into four groups

roman numeral examples:

  • MM: MM+Num+Ord+Sg+Nom
  • MCXI: MCXI+Num+Ord+Sg+Nom
  • CMXCIX: CMXCIX+Num+Ord+Sg+Nom

Roman numerals according to digital class, one by one

Roman thousands

Thousands can be followed by any of other parts

roman numeral thousand examples:

  • MII: MII+Num+Ord+Sg+Nom

Roman hundreds

Hundreds can be followed by anything but thousands:

roman numeral hundred examples:

  • CXXI: CXXI+Num+Ord+Sg+Nom
  • DXXIV: DXXIV+Num+Ord+Sg+Nom

Roman tens

Tens can be followed by ones:

roman numeral ten examples:

  • XIX: XIX+Num+Ord+Sg+Nom
  • XXVII: XXVII+Num+Ord+Sg+Nom

Roman ones

Ones come alone

roman numerals one to nine examples:

  • IX: IX+Num+Ord+Sg+Nom
  • VIII: VIII+Num+Ord+Sg+Nom
  • II: II+Num+Ord+Sg+Nom