North Sámi adjective lexicon

  • LEXICON LEXATTR This lexicon is here to give the tags to the compounding
  • LEXICON At gives +A+Attr and directs to K
  • LEXICON PrfPrc Gives +A+Attr and Sg/Pl Nom and directs to K
  • LEXICON FINJU- compounds only, directs to Rreal and NAMAT
  • LEXICON ALIT Both second-part compound and independent adj. čáhppesalit bábir, alit bábir
  • LEXICON Eahpe_Adjective is a long list of lexicalised eahpe-prefixed adjs
  • LEXICON NomActVEARA hardcoded postposition frases with veara, for speller
  • LEXICON Adjective is the main adjective list
  • LEXICON AdjectivePx Px-forms are restricted to this lexicon Move adjs that may take Px from Adjective to this lexicon.
  • LEXICON AdjectiveNoPx is the main adjective list, not taking Px