Just as for North Sámi, this bug file is obsolete. Now, we document the Lule Saami bugs in Bugzilla. This short text is kept here until we are sure that these bugs are fixed. The Px bug is treated elsewhere, but the treatment of diminutives must await a fuller treatment of derivation in Lule Sámi.

Bug reports, errors

The Px problem

Of all Px-case combinations, some are generated, others are not. The smj-lex.txt file says "! ess & ill pl do not use Px that often, left out". But there are more forms that are left out, and the coverage differs from stem class to stem class.

These are not generated for muorra: Essive, and plural of Nom, Gen, Ill, Com.

Diminutives of odd-syllable nouns

They got the wrong stem input to DenominalNounsODD:

gámas+N+Dim+N+Sg+Nom    gábmassj

gámas+N+Dim+N+Sg+Gen    gábmasttja

An -a- was added before the Dim suffix. Check this!

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