How to use the Finnish grammatical analyser

The analyser can be used online, or on your own machine.

Using the Finnish grammatical analyser online

So, how can I glue in some text in Finnish and get an analysis?

  • On this site: Have some patience, we are not there yet.
  • On other sites: There are several online Finnish analysers.

Using the Finnish gramamtical analyser at your own machine

Try this at home: But be sure to have a unix (linux, mac) machine. We also assume you have already checked out a local copy of the Giellatekno svn, and that the catalogues gt, kt, st etc. are located in a folder we here call $GTHOME.

Compiling omorfi

Omorfi can be checked out from, the omorfi page. Compile as described at the site and in the README and INSTALL files.

In order to use omorfi in the present context, you need to change the omorfi tags to something more Giellatekno-like. In the omorfi catalogue, you need to do the following commands. The first inverts the morphological analyser, and the second gives it a new set of tags.

hfst-invert mor-omorfi.hfst -o foo
hfst-substitute -F $GTHOME/kt/fin/src/giellatekno.relabel foo -o mor-omorfi-cg.hfst

Then make an alias, call it e.g. hofin, and put it in your .bashrc file, where path/to denotes the path to your omorfi checkout.

alias hofin='hfst-lookup ~/path/to/omorfi/src/mor-omorfi-cg.hfst'

The disambiguator

We here use a vislcg3 disambiguator for Finnish, based upon Fred Karlssons CG1 disambiguator.

Analysing text

Text may now be analysed as follows (provided you have the Giellatekno setup in place). We assume you stand in $GTHOME/kt/fin/:

cat file.txt | preprocess | hofin | lookup2cg | vislcg3 -g src/fin-dis.rle