Faroese Noun morphology

Basic noun lexica

Taken from the dictionary

The nominal morphology is added in three layers. In this first layer we add gender tags and morphophonological diacritics. The next two layers are for indefinite and definite suffixes, respectively.

Lexicons still to be allocated

Irregular nouns

These are lexica with number 0, they have no inflectional morphology.

k0 for januar etc.

kv0 for ommudidd

h0 for indeclinable neuters

irregular_nouns just gives the tags for the indeclinables

Lexica for words belonging to two paradigms.

These are simply split (h11/12 to h11 and h12, etc).

The ordinary lexica

These lexica split into sg and pl lexica, and add +N and gender tags. Thereafter it points to Layer 2, the case suffixes

Weak masculines.

k1, risi, is the basic Msc lexicon, split in sg and pl

k1e for sg

k_flt1 for pl

k1_3stem for 3-syllabic stams like felagi, mixed dative forms + UUML

k2 beiggi

k3 for hagi

k3e for sg

k_flt3 for pl

k4 for tanki, just pointing to k3 (identical)

k5 for bóndi

Strong masculines

k6_null for antikrist

k6e_null for sg

k6 for úlvur

k6e for sg

k_flt6 for pl

k7 for sandur

k7e for sg

k_flt7 for pl

k_flt8 for pl, pointing to k_flt7

k8e for sg, pointing to k7e

k8 for garður, pointing to k7, but has a different u-umlaut

k_flt9 for pl

k9e for sg, pointing to k6e

k9 with double consonant deletion in front of s, but pointing to k6

k10 splitting in sg/pl

k10e for sg

k_flt10 for pl

k11 for ísur

k11e for sg

k_flt11 for pl

k12 for vinur



k12e for sg

k_flt12 for pl

k13e for sg, giving extra NULL dative then pointing to k12e

k13 for vegur As k12, plus a zero dative

k14 for staður

k14e for sg

k_flt14 for pl

k15 for gestur

k15e for sg

k_flt15 for pl

k16 having double Cns but pointing to k15

k_flt17 giving UUML PLDAT and pointing to k_flt15

k17 giving UUML Dat and pointing to k15

k18 for dansur

k18e for sg

k_flt18 for pl

k19 for meldur

k19e for sg

k_flt19 for pl

k20 for akur

k20e for sg

k_flt20 for pl

k_flt21 pointing to k_flt19

k21 for stuðul

k22 for himmal

k23 for róður

k23e for sg

k_flt23 for pl

k24 for fløttur

k25 for vøllur

k25e for sg

k_flt25 for pl

k26 for táttur

k26e for sg

k_flt26 for pl

k27 for vøkstur

k28 for dráttur

k28e for sg

k_flt28 for pl

k29 for tráður

k30 for fótur

k30e for sg

k_flt30 for pl

k31 for veggur

k31e for sg

k_flt31 for pl

k32 for ryggur, using k31e

k33 for hylur

k34 for drongur

k34e for sg

k_flt34 for pl

k36 for heyggjur

k37 for skógvur

k37e for sg

k_flt37 for pl

k38e_2 for súgvur

k38 for bógvur

k38e for sg

k_flt38 for pl

k39 for sjógvur

k39e for sg

k_flt39 for pl

k40e_2 for hógvur2

k40_3 for skúgvur

k40 for hógvur

k40e for sg

k_flt40 for pl

k41 for maður

k41e for sg

k41_obl for oblique, hmm, needed?

k_flt41 for pl

k42 for dagur

k42e for sg

k_flt42 for pl

k43 for faðir

k43e for sg

k_flt43 for pl

k44 for bróðir, stem is ZERO

k_flt44 for pl

k45 for spónur

k45e for sg

k_flt45 for pl

k46 for fjørðu

k46e for sg

k_flt46 for pl

k47 for sonur

k47e for sg

k_flt47 for pl

k48 for hamar

k48e for sg

k_flt48 for pl

k49 for verkur

k49e for sg

k_flt49 for pl

k50 for skjøldur (non_poetic)

k51 for luður

k52 for primus

k52e for sg

k_flt52 for pl

k53 for aðal


Neuter forms

Case inflection

This is the second layer. Here we do indefinite forms and compounds.

Masculine forms

Weak case suffixes.


W_M_SGNOM for weak masculines, pointing to definites

W_M_SGACC etc for risan


W_M_SGDAT_mixed for felagnum



W_M_PLNOM for -ar-

W_M_PLNOM_UR for -ur-

W_M_PLACC for -ar-

W_M_PLACC_UR for -ur-

W_M_PLDAT for -u-

W_M_PLGEN for -a-

Strong case suffixes

Nominative Sg

Accusative Sg

Dative Sg

Plural forms


Definite inflection

This is the third layer. Here we do the indefinite and definite forms. These are common to (almost) all different paradigms, hence they are gathered here.

Masculine forms

Masc def sg

DF_N_SGm for

DF_N_SGm_indef for

DF_N_SGm_def for

DF_A_SGm for

DF_A_SGm_indef for

DF_A_SGm_def for

DF_D_SGm for

DF_G_SGm for

Masc def pl

DF_N_PLm for

DF_N_PLm_indef for

DF_N_PLm_def for

DF_A_PLm for

DF_A_PLm_indef for

DF_A_PLm_def for

Feminine forms

Fem Sg

DF_N_SGf_W for

DF_N_SGf_S for

DF_A_SGf_W for

DF_A_SGf_S for

DF_D_SGf_W for

DF_D_SGf_S for

DF_G_SGf_W for

DF_G_SGf_S for

Feminine plural forms

DF_NA_PLf for *nar

DF_NA_PLf_inar for *inar

Neuter forms

Neuter sg

This concludes the nominal morphology.

The rest of the file contains flags, that govern the ways stems may be combined.

Compound flags

MscNom_Flag for

MscObl_Flag for

FemNom_Flag for

FemObl_Flag for

Neu_Flag for

Pl_Flag for