North Saami verbs

Negative verbs

  • LEXICON Negativeverb
  • LEXICON negmood
  • LEXICON negind
  • LEXICON negimp
  • LEXICON negsup


  • LEXICON Copula Dividing into finite and infinite
  • LEXICON Finitecop (Removed %>, they blocked diphtsim^pl)
  • LEXICON Prscop
  • LEXICON Prtcop
  • LEXICON Impcop
  • LEXICON Infinitecop

Stray forms

  • LEXICON STRAYFORMS (referred to from the main Verb lexicon)
  • LEXICON Eahpe_Verb

Main verbs

Here comes the main list of verbs.

  • LEXICON Humsubj-VerbRoot