Buryaad noun affixes

We have two lexica, n1 and n2, n1 with -нар plural and V-initial Gen, Ins, and n2 with -ууд plural and г-initial Gen, Ins

The noun classes

  • LEXICON nx unclassified nouns, to n2 for now
  • LEXICON n1 with Gen -IIN, and -нар- suffix for oblique cases
  • LEXICON n2 with Gen -GAj and -ууд suffič for oblique cases

The class-specific case morphology (Gen, Ins)

  • LEXICON case1 Gen, Ins for n1 nouns, and pointing to common cases
  • LEXICON case2 Gen, Ins for n2 nouns, and pointing to common cases
  • LEXICON case3 case3 are numerals, for now pointing to case2

The morphology common to the different stem classes

  • LEXICON commoncase common treatment of Nom, Dat, Acc, Abl, Com for all nouns
  • LEXICON Poss for Px, common for all nouns