Morphophonology for the Kildin analyser

For the (paradigmatic and regular) morphophonological processes we use the twol technology. Here is the Kildin twol file.

Paradigmatic morphophonological processes concern:

  • stem consonants
    • consonant gradation
    • (de-)palatalization
  • stem vowels (i.e. ablaut).

Regular (phonological) processes concern:

  • stem vowels (i.e. umlaut)
  • second syllable vowels (deletion)
  • suffixes (vowel deletion or consonant insertion)

The TWOLC file contains the following rules

  • Consonant gradation rules:
    • "Quantitative CG"
    • "Quantitative CG 2-Cns Cluster"
    • "Quantitative CG 3-Cns Cluster"
  • Vowel rules:
    • "Epenthetic vowel deletion"
    • "ue Diphtongisation"
  • Palatalisation rules:
    • "Palatalised Suffix Vowel"
    • "Palatal Mark Deletion"

Note that these rules are not at all finished.

The consonant gradation rules cover only some cases:

  • вв: в, лл: л, сс: с, зз: з
  • дт: т, рр: р
  • ррн: рн

The palatalisation rules governs the alternation between word-final consonant + ь and consonant + palatal vowel.