The file smi-propernouns.lexc is copied from the common gtcore directory and shall not be edited in the langs directory.

General notes

The entries are tagged in gtcore for language, to satisfy the needs of the synthetic speech project.

Language-specific notes

This file (smi-propernouns.lexc) when applied to sme

This file was originally written for sme, and is copied directly to the langs/sme catalogue without modification.

Documenting (parts of) the lexicon structure for sme:

Final syll. stressed unstressed
final X+i/j DUBAI (V+j) PIPPI (C+i)
other final V NYST؇ ACCRA

‡) Also -i- without a preceeding long vowel, like in DUBAI.

This file (smi-propernouns.lexc) when applied to sma, smj and smn.

For sma, smj and smn, there is a script, src/scripts/ changing the lexicon names from sme-style to sma/smj/smn-style. The resulting file is src/fst/stems/smi-sma-propernouns.lexc, with the content of this file following the text Dump from SMI. This is governed in src/fst/

Modifications for sma

MAKI er for finske i-finale navn hvor sørsamisk og lulesamisk følger ulike mønster. PIPPi i smj, ACCRA i sme og sma.

Modifications for sma

BETFAGE er spesifikk for lulesamisk, og er identisk med ACCRA for dei andre samiske språka. BETFAGE skal brukast ved e-finale ACCRA-ord.

Modifications for smn

See the perl script

The beginning of this file (smi-propernouns.lexc) looks as follows (and thereafter 31000 similar lines follow):

A-ha+OLang/NOB: A-ha ACCRA-org ;
Aabakken+OLang/NOB: Aa#bakken9 LONDON-sur ;
Aabel+OLang/NOB: Aabel LONDON-mal ;
Aabenraa+OLang/NOB: Aabenraa NYSTØ-sur ;

How to work

Setting: A non-Inari Sámi name is missing in the FST.

  1. Check whether the name (Hiroshima) is found in the src/fst/generated-files/ catalogue.
    1. if it is not, and is a non-smn name, it probably should be in the general file.
      Add it to gtcore/giella-shared/smi/src/fst/stems/smi-propernouns.lexc
    2. if it is in the generated cataloge, check wheter it has the contlex you want it to have
      if it does, it should work, so debug.
      if it does not, add a line for the name in question to the file
      src/scripts/ (use existing lines as documentation).