Inari Sámi

Inari Sámi

Status quo

The work is still preliminary.

The Inari Sámi parser is more a skectch than a real parser. It was built in order to experiment with the twolc and lexc for Inari Sámi.

The work was based upon the paradigms in Morottaja and Sammallahti's dictionary, and upon Matti Morottaja's Anarâškielâ ravvuuh.

In addition to that, there is now a short grammar available, Kielâoppâ, Inarinsaamenkielen kielioppi, by Marja-Liisa Olthuis. It has more paradigms than the dictionary, but unfortunately it does not have a large morphophonological part (morphographemical would actually be most needed).


  1. The basic parser should be completed
  2. A lexicon should be added (the dictionary)

Rationale, plans

A parser such as the one sketched here is valuable in itself, as a way of investigating Inari Sámi morphophonology. In addition to that, it may be used in practical applications, such as interactive grammatical lookup and intelligent dictionaries, spell checkers, etc.

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