How to use the Norwegian grammatical analyser

There is a 00_readme.txt file in $GTLANG/nob/obt Here come the highlights from that file:

Before use: Make the files executable: chmod a+x bin/*

The morphology is in the mtag-* file, and the cg disambiguation ruleset is in the nob_morf file.

Basic usage

The path $GTHOME/st/nob/obt assumes you use the obt from the Giellatekno svn tree. Replace it with your own if needed.

Usage on a mac:

cat text | \
preprocess --abbr=$GTHOME/st/nob/bin/abbr.txt | $GTHOME/st/nob/obt/bin/mtag-osx64 | \
vislcg3 -g $GTHOME/st/nob/obt/src/nob_morf.cg3

Usage on linux (say, on our computer victorio) is same as above, but with mtag-linux32 instead, thus:

cat text | \
preprocess --abbr=$GTHOME/st/nob/bin/abbr.txt | $GTHOME/st/nob/obt/bin/mtag-linux32 | \
vislcg3 -g $GTHOME/st/nob/obt/src/nob_morf.cg3 

Advanced usage

In order to combine cg and statistics, you may use nob_morf-prestat.cg3 instead of nob_morf.cg3, thus the last line is:

vislcg3 -g $GTHOME/st/nob/obt/src/nob_morf-prestat.cg3