This file contains the Pronouns

  • LEXICON Pronoun Points to all the pronoun subgrops
  • LEXICON Personal , splitting in 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Interrogative pronouns

Giving ideosyncratic Sg Nom of gii, mii lexically Sending the oblique forms of gii, mii to an oblique sublexicon Giving the stem of guhte, guhtemuš, goabbá

  • LEXICON Interrogative

Relative pronouns

  • LEXICON Relative

Demonstrative pronouns

Giving baseform + all demonstrative stems

Pointing to case paradigms

  • LEXICON Demonstrative

Reflexive pronouns

Two nominative reflexives, and pointer to the rest The Pl one is used for Du as well, here given two entries. Should one of them be removed?

  • LEXICON Reflexive

Reciprocal pronouns

The first 4 entries handle the first element of the recipr. The next 12 handle the 2nd part of the non-Px recipr. The members of the third section point to Px lexica.

  • LEXICON Reciprocal

Indefinite pronouns

Dividing the indefinites in three groups

  • LEXICON Indefinite

Declineable indefinite pronouns with case + clitic

  • LEXICON declindef-cl

Declineable indefinites with normal case paradigms

  • LEXICON declindef

Separate lexica for exceptional entries

  • LEXICON declindef-idiosync separate lexica for these entries: oktat

The indeclineable indefinites

  • LEXICON indeclindef