Sublexica for Adjective

Even-syllable stems

LEXICON GIEVRRA Adjectives with attribute in WeG and -s. As 1a in Spiik. Sg Acc: gievrav, Attr: gievras.

gárttje # Even-syllable test examples:

  • gárttje: gárttje+A+Sg+Nom
  • gártjev: gárttje+A+Sg+Acc
  • gártjes: gárttje+A+Attr
  • gártjep: gárttje+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON HÁVSSKE Adjectives with attribute -s, without WeG. As 1c in Spiik. Sg Acc: hávsskev, Attr: hávsskes.

hoallá # Even-syllable test examples:

  • hoallá: hoallá+A+Sg+Nom
  • hoalláv: hoallá+A+Sg+Acc
  • hoallás: hoallá+A+Attr
  • hoalláp: hoallá+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON NUORRA Adjectives with attribute same as pred. As 1b in Spiik. Sg Acc: nuorav, Attr: nuorra.

visská # Even-syllable test examples:

  • visská: visská+A+Sg+Nom
  • viskáv: visská+A+Sg+Acc
  • visská: visská+A+Attr
  • viskáp: visská+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON TJUODDJE Adjectives with attribute -is, without WeG. presently only "Tjuoddje" Sg Acc: tjuoddjev, Attr: tjuoddjis.

tjuoddje # Even-syllable test examples:

  • tjuoddje: tjuoddje+A+Sg+Nom
  • tjuoddjev: tjuoddje+A+Sg+Acc
  • tjuoddjis: tjuoddje+A+Attr
  • tjuoddjep: tjuoddje+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON GALLJE Adjectives on -e, the attribute is in WeG and e > a. As 1d in Spiik. Sg Acc: galjev, Attr: galja.

uhttse # Even-syllable test examples:

  • uhttse: uhttse+A+Sg+Nom
  • uhtsev: uhttse+A+Sg+Acc
  • uhtsa: uhttse+A+Attr
  • uhtses: uhttse+A+Attr (Eng. # gets this attr from LEXATTR)
  • uhtsep: uhttse+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON TJÁBBE Adjectives on -e, the attribute is in WeG and e > a. Same as GALLJE only different adv derivation. Sg Acc: tjáppev, Attr: tjáppa.

njálgge # Even-syllable test examples:

  • njálgge: njálgge+A+Sg+Nom
  • njálgev: njálgge+A+Sg+Acc
  • njálga: njálgge+A+Attr
  • njálgep: njálgge+A+Comp+Sg+Nom


LEXICON SÁVADAHTTE Causative-participles. No attribute. No comparision. As 1e in Spiik. Sg Acc: sávadahttev. PrsPrc of causative verbs "uttrykker at handlingen lar seg gjøre eller er verdt å gjøre" (Kintel 1991).

vuojedahtte # Even-syllable test examples:

  • vuojedahtte: vuojedahtte+A+Sg+Nom
  • vuojedahttev: vuojedahtte+A+Sg+Acc

LEXICON JUHKKE participles with -s attributive. No comparision As 1e in Spiik. Sg Acc: juhkkev, Attr: juhkkes. Spiik: presens particip har med den attributive formen på -s betydelsen ºnågon som är duktig i, snabb til att, begiven att utföra handlingenº.

vuohttje # Even-syllable test examples:

  • vuohttje: vuohttje+A+Sg+Nom
  • vuohttjev: vuohttje+A+Sg+Acc
  • vuohttjes: vuohttje+A+Attr

LEXICON BÅRRE participles without the -s attributive. As 1e in Spiik. Sg Acc: bårrev, Attr: bårre. Spiik: presens particip har med den attributiva formen utan -s betydelsen ºdem som utför handlingenº.

ednabårre # Even-syllable test examples:

  • ednabårre: ednabårre+A+Sg+Nom
  • ednabårrev: ednabårre+A+Sg+Acc
  • ednabårre: ednabårre+A+Attr

Test data:

Loan words lexicas

LEXICON SJONÁLLA -tion and -sjon loanwords




LEXICON DEMONSTRATIJVA_CMP_INFL Loanadjectives from norwegian/swedish. Attr is in weak grad, used only in attr, but Sg+Nom is subtaged.

duplæksa # Even-syllable test examples:

  • duplevsa: duplæksa+A+Attr

LEXICON SUBJEKTIJVALASJ_CMP_INFL Non-derived -alasj adjectives. They are confusing because they look like derived loan adjectives like the ones in BIOGRÁFALASJ. However, they are not derived. Rather, these are "long" forms of short adjektives as those in DEMONSTRATIJVA and thus not true derivations. They could be trated as sitation borrowed loan adjectives, but they are wrongly assimilated since the two syllables before -alasj are assimilated to sami. These should be error tagged since they donºt follow Giellagálddos loan word rules. Pred and attr are both -lasj. Odd-syllable comparison. Sg Acc: destruktijvalattjav, Attr: destruktijvalasj. (The -lasj is unpopular.)

aktijvalasj # Even-syllable test examples:

  • aktijvalasj: aktijvalasj+A+Sg+Nom
  • aktijvalattjav: aktijvalasj+A+Sg+Acc
  • aktijvalasj: aktijvalasj+A+Attr
  • aktijvalabbo: aktijvalasj+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON BIOGRÁFALASJ_CMP_INFL LOAN! Foreign -isk adjectives adapted to smj ending -alasj. These are all derived from loan nouns thus making "biologisk" either biolog -> biolåvgålasj or biologi -> biologijjalasj (underived, sitation loan based form "biologalasj" is error tagged) Pred and attr are both -alasj. No comparatives.

demokráhtalasj # Even-syllable test examples:

  • demokráhtalasj: demokráhtalasj+A+Sg+Nom
  • demokráhtalattjav: demokráhtalasj+A+Sg+Acc
  • demokráhtalasj: demokráhtalasj+A+Attr

LEXICON ARKTALASJ_CMP_INFL Foreign -isk adjectives adapted to smj by simply adding -alasj in place of -isk. These are not derivations, but sitation borrowed loan adjectives. Only words without a noun base, like arktisk and syntetisk. Pred and attr are both -lasj. No comparatives.

analytalasj # Even-syllable test examples:

  • analytalasj analytalasj+A+Sg+Nom
  • analytalattjav: analytalasj+A+Sg+Acc
  • analytalasj analytalasj+A+Attr

Inherent comparatives and superlatives lexica

LEXICON OANEP Inherent comparatives, gives comp and superl. There are two main groups of word here: Adjectives that are lexicalized in their comparative (and superlative) forms, like sisŋep, bárep. And Nouns that can be compared, like nuortap, gáttep, oarjep (some of these are compared from their noun lexicas and thus are found twice). Some entries are likely incorrect compared forms of other adjectives, like ådåp and ruvvap (more research needed).

lagáp # Even-syllable test examples:

  • lagáp: lagáp+A+Comp+Sg+Nom
  • lagámus: lagáp+A+Superl+Sg+Nom

LEXICON TJAVGGÁMUS Inherent superlatives, only gives superl. Some words are lexicalized in their superlative forms, like dájvvámus. Some are likely incorrect superlative forms, like tjábbámus (more research is needed)

dájvvámus # Even-syllable test examples:

  • dájvvámus: dájvvámus+A+Superl+Sg+Nom

4-syllable miscellanious stems

LEXICON ÁRMMOGIS Adjectives on -is, attribute same as pred. Odd-syllable comparison. As 2 in Spiik. Sg Acc: ármmogisáv, Attr: ármmogis.

bahágis # Even-syllable test examples:

  • bahágis: bahágis+A+Sg+Nom
  • bahágisáv: bahágis+A+Sg+Acc
  • bahágis: bahágis+A+Attr
  • bahágabbo: bahágis+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON SÆHKÁLAK Adjectives on -álak, attribute same as pred. Odd-syllable comparison. So far only for "sæhkálak".

sæhkálak # Even-syllable test examples:

  • sæhkálak: sæhkálak+A+Sg+Nom
  • sähkálak: sæhkálak+A+Sg+Nom
  • sæhkálagáv: sæhkálak+A+Sg+Acc
  • sähkálagáv: sæhkálak+A+Sg+Acc
  • sæhkálak: sæhkálak+A+Attr
  • sähkálak: sæhkálak+A+Attr
  • sæhkálabbo: sæhkálak+A+Comp+Sg+Nom
  • sähkálabbo: sæhkálak+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON ÅLLAGSJ_CMP_INFL Adjectives on -asj, attribute same as pred. No comparatives. 2 in Spiik. Sg Acc: ållagattjav, Attr: ållagasj.

belulasj # Even-syllable test examples:

  • belulasj: belulasj+A+Sg+Nom
  • belulattjav: belulasj+A+Sg+Acc
  • belulasj: belulasj+A+Attr

LEXICON DÁRBULASJ_CMP_INFL Adjectives on -asj, attribute same as pred. Odd-syllable comparison. Sg Acc: dárbulattjav, Attr: dárbulasj. Essive -attjan, -adtjan is subtaged.

dábálasj # Even-syllable test examples:

  • dábálasj: dábálasj+A+Sg+Nom
  • dábálattjav: dábálasj+A+Sg+Acc
  • dábálasj: dábálasj+A+Attr
  • dábális: dábálasj+A+Attr
  • dábálabbo: dábálasj+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON ASIDASJ_CMP_INFL Adjectives on -asj, -is attr. Odd-syllable comparison. Sg Acc: asidattjav, Attr: asidis.

gågulasj # Even-syllable test examples:

  • gågulasj: gågulasj+A+Sg+Nom
  • gågulattjav: gågulasj+A+Sg+Acc
  • gågulis: gågulasj+A+Attr
  • gågulabbo: gågulasj+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON UDNODIBME Adjectives on -dibme, attribute on -is. Odd-syllable comparison. Sg Acc: udnodimev, Attr: udnodis.

gælvodibme # Even-syllable test examples:

  • gælvodibme: gælvodibme+A+Sg+Nom
  • gälvodibme: gælvodibme+A+Sg+Nom
  • gælvodimev: gælvodibme+A+Sg+Acc
  • gälvodimev: gælvodibme+A+Sg+Acc
  • gælvodis: gælvodibme+A+Attr
  • gälvodis: gælvodibme+A+Attr
  • gælvodabbo: gælvodibme+A+Comp+Sg+Nom
  • gälvodabbo: gælvodibme+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON TJALMEDIBME Like UDNODIBME but no comparatives. Sg Acc: tjalmedimev, Attr: tjalmedis.

huvsodibme # Even-syllable test examples:

  • huvsodibme: huvsodibme+A+Sg+Nom
  • huvsodimev: huvsodibme+A+Sg+Acc
  • huvsodis: huvsodibme+A+Attr

LEXICON SUOLASIEHKE -siehke. Sg Acc: suolasiegev, attr: suolasiek

hánessiehke # Even-syllable test examples:

  • hánessiehke: hánessiehke+A+Sg+Nom
  • hánessiegev: hánessiehke+A+Sg+Acc
  • hánessiek: hánessiehke+A+Attr

Odd-syllable stems

LEXICON TJIEGOS Adjectives on -s, negating adjs on -dahkes, with attr same as pred. For adjectives with -e in second syllable e>á: divtes>diktásav in StrG. As a. in Spiik. Sg Acc: tjiehkusav, Attr: tjiegos. Consonant gradation.

hánes # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • hánes: hánes+A+Sg+Nom
  • hádnásav: hánes+A+Sg+Acc
  • hánes: hánes+A+Attr
  • hádnásabbo: hánes+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON GÅNTSAS Same as TJIEGOS but with vokal change å=oa. Attr is same as pred. Sg Acc: goanntsasav, attr: gåntsas. Consonant gradation.

måskas # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • måskas: måskas+A+Sg+Nom
  • moasskasav: måskas+A+Sg+Acc
  • måskas: måskas+A+Attr
  • moasskasabbo: måskas+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON GALMAS Adjectives on -as, ås- and ás, with attr ending on a (-as and -ás pred) and å (-ås pred). As e. in Spiik. Sg Acc: galmmasav, attr: galmma, Consonant gradation.

njuoskas # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • njuoskas: njuoskas+A+Sg+Nom
  • njuosskasav: njuoskas+A+Sg+Acc
  • njuosska: njuoskas+A+Attr
  • njuosskasabbo: njuoskas+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON SÁJSAS For -as adjectives with attribute -e. Presently only used for "sájsas", because this -as adj gets -e attr. Sg Acc: sájssasav, Attr: sájsse. Consonant gradation.

sájsas # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • sájsas: sájsas+A+Sg+Nom
  • sájssasav: sájsas+A+Sg+Acc
  • sájsse: sájsas+A+Attr
  • sájssasabbo: sájsas+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON RÁDAS Presently only used for "rádas". This word has special consonant gradation d>dd. Attr same as pred. Sg Acc: ráddasav, Attr: rádas. Consonant gradation.

rádas # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • rádas: rádas+A+Sg+Nom
  • ráddasav: rádas+A+Sg+Acc
  • rádas: rádas+A+Attr
  • ráda: rádas+A+Attr (Eng. # from LEXATTR)
  • ráddasabbo: rádas+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON LUOBES Adjectives on -es. Attribute same as pred. Does the same as TJIEGOS only e>a. Sg Acc: luohpasav, Attr: luobes. Consonant gradation.

luobes # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • luobes: luobes+A+Sg+Nom
  • luohpasav: luobes+A+Sg+Acc
  • luobes: luobes+A+Attr
  • luohpasabbo: luobes+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON GIMES Adjectives on -es with attribute -a. Vocaal e>a in StrG. As g. in Spiik. Sg Acc: gibmasav, Attr: gibma. Consonant gradation.

gimes # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • gimes: gimes+A+Sg+Nom
  • gibmasav: gimes+A+Sg+Acc
  • gibma: gimes+A+Attr
  • gibmasabbo: gimes+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON LINES Same as GIMES, only with e>á in StrG. Adjectives on -es with attribute -a. As g. in Spiik. Sg Acc: lidnásav, attr: lidna. Consonant gradation.

lines # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • lines: lines+A+Sg+Nom
  • lidnásav: lines+A+Sg+Acc
  • lidna: lines+A+Attr
  • lidnásabbo: lines+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON OAMES Adjectives on -es with attribute -e. As g2. in Spiik. Sg Acc: oabmásav, Attr: oabme. Consonant gradation.

goastes # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • goastes: goastes+A+Sg+Nom
  • goasstásav: goastes+A+Sg+Acc
  • goasste: goastes+A+Attr
  • goasstásabbo: goastes+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON BASSTEL Adjs on -et, -l, -r, sm om -k, -sj with attr -is and no consonant gradation. As b. in Spiik. Sg Acc: basstelav, Attr: basstelis. Many of these entries might be instances of derivations, like belak, deblak, and maybe also basstel, bargán.

goavrret # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • goavrret: goavrret+A+Sg+Nom
  • goavrredav: goavrret+A+Sg+Acc
  • goavrredis: goavrret+A+Attr
  • goavrredabbo: goavrret+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON DABÁR Adjectives on -r. With attr -is like BASSTEL, but with CG. Sg Acc: dahparav, Attr: dabáris. Presently only for dabár. Consonant gradation.

sihkar # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • dabár: dabár+A+Sg+Nom
  • dahparav: dabár+A+Sg+Acc
  • dabáris: dabár+A+Attr
  • dahparabbo: dabár+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON MUTTÁK Adjs on -ák/-ak/-ek, two attr: -is and same as pred. As c. in Spiik. Sg Acc: muttágav, Attr: muttágis and mutták. These seem to be instances of the adjectival -k derivation. Unclear whether such derivation have different attr forms or not, and thats maybe why some of these derivations are found in BASSTEL lexicon.

bárvak # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • bárvak: bárvak+A+Sg+Nom
  • bárvagav: bárvak+A+Sg+Acc
  • bárvak: bárvak+A+Attr
  • bárvagis: bárvak+A+Attr
  • bárvagabbo: bárvak+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON SKÁRBAK Presently only for skárbak, because it has skárbbis attr not skárbagis according to Korhonen. It might be a hybrid. Consonant gradation.

skárbak # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • skárbak: skárbak+A+Sg+Nom
  • skárbagav: skárbak+A+Sg+Acc
  • skárbbis: skárbak+A+Attr
  • skárbagabbo: skárbak+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON ALLAK Adjs on -ak, attr.on -a. Have both gasep/gaggagabbo and alep/allagabbo as comparatives. As d. in Spiik. So far only the adjectives "allak" and "gassak" go to this lexicon.

gassak # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • gassak: gassak+A+Sg+Nom
  • gassagav: gassak+A+Sg+Acc
  • gassa: gassak+A+Attr
  • gassagabbo: gassak+A+Comp+Sg+Nom
  • gasep: gassak+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON GÅBDDÅK Adjs on -åk, attr. on -å. Has even-syllable comparison: gåbdep and gåbdemus. So far "gåbddåk" is the only word in this lexicon. As d2. in Spiik. Sg Acc: gåbddågav, Attr: gåbddå.

gåbddåk # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • gåbddåk: gåbddåk+A+Sg+Nom
  • gåbddågav: gåbddåk+A+Sg+Acc
  • gåbddå: gåbddåk+A+Attr
  • gåbdep: gåbddåk+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON STUORAK Only for stuorak. It hase two attributes. Has even-syllable comparison: stuoráp and stuorámus.Sg Acc: stuoragav, attr: stuor and stuorra. This might be a -k derivation of adjective stuorre attr stuor(ra). The comparison is thus based on the original adjective and thus it naturally is an even syll comparison.

stuorak # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • stuorak: stuorak+A+Sg+Nom
  • stuoragav: stuorak+A+Sg+Acc
  • stuorra: stuorak+A+Attr
  • stuor: stuorak+A+Attr
  • stuoráp: stuorak+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON RIHTSOK Lexicon for miscellanious uneven adjectives. No vowel changes. The lexicon gives no attribute, either because the adjective dosnºt have attr or because there is stemvowel change in attr that the lexicon canºt handle, or because there are strange atrributes that donºt fit to any other lexicon (these attributes are hardcoded). Sg Acc: rihtsogav (attr for words in this lexicon are hardcoded). Consonant gradation.

måjdås # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • måjdås: måjdås+A+Sg+Nom
  • måjddåsav: måjdås+A+Sg+Acc
  • måjddåsabbo: måjdås+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON SJÆVNNJAT Lexicon for miscellanious uneven adjectives on -k, -t, -l, -s. The last vowel changes, e>á, e>å, o>u, e>i. The lexicon gives no attribute, either because the adjective dosnºt have attr, because there is stemvowel change in attr that the lexicon canºt handle or because there are strange atrributes that donºt fit to any other lexicon (these attributes are hardcoded). Sg Acc: sjævnnjadav.

rávdes # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • rávdes: rávdes+A+Sg+Nom
  • rávddásav: rávdes+A+Sg+Acc
  • rávddásabbo: rávdes+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON SUOHKAT Adjectives on -at and -åt, with attribute III -is. No vowel change. As f. in Spiik. Sg Acc: suohkadav, attr: suohkkis,

rávvat # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • rávvat: rávvat+A+Sg+Nom
  • rávvadav: rávvat+A+Sg+Acc
  • rávvis: rávvat+A+Attr
  • rávvadabbo: rávvat+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON LÅSSÅT As f3. in Spiik. So far the only word i this lexicon i "låssåt", because both låssis and låsså are attr and comparative is both låsep(hybrid?) and låssådabbo.

låssåt # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • låssåt: låssåt+A+Sg+Nom
  • låssådav: låssåt+A+Sg+Acc
  • låssis: låssåt+A+Attr
  • låsså: låssåt+A+Attr
  • låssådabbo: låssåt+A+Comp+Sg+Nom
  • låsep: låssåt+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON TSIBTSA Adjectives that end on -a. Attribute is same as pred. Sg Acc: tsibttsagav, Attr: tsibtsa. Consonant gradation.

bihtja # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • bihtja: bihtja+A+Sg+Nom
  • bihttjagav: bihtja+A+Sg+Acc
  • bihtja: bihtja+A+Attr
  • bihttjagabbo: bihtja+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON TJALMMIS Adjectives ending on -is. With two attributes; same as pred and -isis. As h. in Spiik. Sg Acc: tjalmmisav, Attr: tjalmmis (Spiik og Kintel).and tjalmmisis (Korhonen).

mujttis # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • mujttis: mujttis+A+Sg+Nom
  • mujttisav: mujttis+A+Sg+Acc
  • mujttis: mujttis+A+Attr
  • mujttisis: mujttis+A+Attr
  • mujttisabbo: mujttis+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON IENNILS no comparatives, no attr

ieŋŋils # Odd-syllable test examples:

  • ieŋŋils: ieŋŋils+A+Sg+Nom
  • ieŋŋilsav: ieŋŋils+A+Sg+Acc

Inherent comparatives and superlatives

LEXICON NUORTTALABBO Inherent comparatives, gives both comp and superl. Most of the words are the compared forms of -el(a) words, like nuorttal, lullel.

guddnelabbo # Even-syllable test examples:

  • guddnelabbo: guddnelabbo+A+Comp+Sg+Nom
  • guddnelamos: guddnelabbo+A+Superl+Sg+Nom
  • guddnelap: guddnelabbo+A+Comp+Attr
  • guddnelup: guddnelabbo+A+Comp+Attr

LEXICON GASSKALAMOS Inherent superlatives, gives onlys superl. Words that are lexicalized in their superlative forms.

ájtodamos # Even-syllable test examples:

  • ájtodamos: ájtodamos+A+Superl+Sg+Nom

Contracted stems

LEXICON SÁDNES Attr same as pred. Sg Acc: sáddnáv, Attr: sádnes.

hávres # Contracted test examples:

  • hávres: hávres+A+Sg+Nom
  • hávrráv: hávres+A+Sg+Acc
  • hávres: hávres+A+Attr
  • hávrráp: hávres+A+Comp+Sg+Nom

LEXICON GOAVSOS Attr same as pred. Sg Acc: goaksuv, Attr: goavsos.(goavsos is so far the only word in this lexicon)

goavsos # Contracted test examples:

  • goavsos: goavsos+A+Sg+Nom
  • goaksuv: goavsos+A+Sg+Acc
  • goaksusav: goavsos+A+Sg+Acc (Eng. # From lexicon TJIEGOS)
  • goavsos: goavsos+A+Attr
  • goaksup: goavsos+A+Comp+Sg+Nom
  • goaksusabbo: goavsos+A+Comp+Sg+Nom (Eng. # from lexicon TJIEGOS)

LEXICON SUVRES Sg Acc: suvrráv, Attr: suvra.

suvres # Contracted test examples:

  • suvres: suvres+A+Sg+Nom
  • suvrráv: suvres+A+Sg+Acc
  • suvrrásav: suvres+A+Sg+Acc (Eng. # From lexicon SJÆVNNJAT)
  • suvra: suvres+A+Attr
  • suvrráp: suvres+A+Comp+Sg+Nom
  • suvrrásabbo: suvres+A+Comp+Sg+Nom (Eng. # from LINES)


LEXICON BU/MUS comparison for even-syll adjectives. Also derivates diminutive and adverbs from the comparisions.

LEXICON ABBO/AMOS comparison for odd-syll adjectives. Also derivates diminutive and adverbs from the comparisions.

LEXICON BUStem Comparative even-syll, case and attr.

LEXICON ABBO Comparative odd-syll, get case and attr. With the dialect differences "-ubbo" and "-æbbo".


LEXICON BUOREMUS Superlative even-syll, get attr and nom case.

LEXICON AMOS Superlative odd-syll, get case and attr. With the dialect differences "-umos" and "-æmos".

Comparative and Superlative sub-lexica



LEXICON ATTR Sends attributes to

LEXICON ATTR_PrsPrc Attr without -vuohta derivation.

Derivation of adjectives

LEXICON DenominalAdjsV1 ! even noun stems are sent here

LEXICON DenominalAdjsV2 ! even noun stems are sent here. -asj derivation

LEXICON DenominalAdjsKINO ! unassimilated nouns are sent here

LEXICON DenominalAdjsODD ! gives derivation -ahtes

LEXICON DenominalAdjsContr

Derivations to adjectives

LEXICON AHTES ! odd syllable

LEXICON DIBME ! even and contracted

LEXICON LIS ! Handlernomen på -is?


LEXICON AGAdj ! denominal derivations go here

LEXICON Ahkásasj ! lexicalized and denominal -asj derivations

LEXICON STÁVVAL ! OK& Kintel: stávval attr stávvalis, also as second compound