Affix file for Kven adjectives

The base lexica

Each a_ lexicon gets the +A tag and is then redirected to a common x_ lexicon in the noun file, while compar and superl are here.

long_par ;

  • LEXICON vanha_nocomp_a_21
  • LEXICON a_11_i siisti
  • LEXICON a_11 siisti, soma
  • LEXICON a_11_E2I moni, umpi, pälvi
  • LEXICON a_11_ae väärä, nöyrä
  • LEXICON a_21 liberaali
  • LEXICON a_21_odd simppeli, loistaava
  • LEXICON a_31_ee pimmee, valkkee, kauhhee, hoppee ! TODO sort out nouns and adjectives
  • LEXICON a_31_ii auttii
  • LEXICON vanha_a_23ea pimeä. Is Jok verson of vanha_a_23, never called from stems/adjectives.lexc
  • LEXICON a_12 pieni
  • LEXICON a_12_si uusi. uussiin only por, always one s in Var
  • LEXICON a_22 tyven
  • LEXICON vanha_a_32m irtain
  • LEXICON a_22_ma vasen sg taipuu kuitenki -ma, lämmin: lämpi
  • LEXICON a_32_as raskas
  • LEXICON vanha_a_33aes sinnikäs
  • LEXICON a_32_is valmis, kaunis
  • LEXICON a_32_kärys kärys, so far this is the only word
  • LEXICON a_32_et tuoret
  • LEXICON a_32_u vaipunu: vaipun ! perfect participle
  • LEXICON a_32_väsynyt väsyny: väsyn, so far this is the only word ! perfect participle
  • LEXICON a_32_nny hengistynny: hengistynn
  • LEXICON a_22_excns = veres
  • LEXICON a_22_inen varovainen
  • LEXICON a_22_inen_odd sininen

LEXICON MATON ! TODO TODO TODO ajattelemattomalle lle lla nna

  • LEXICON a_22_ton_even muuttumaton
  • LEXICON a_22_ton_odd onneton

LEXICON MATONodd ! käymättömäle le la na ! TODO Probably not in use atm

  • LEXICON x_22_ton onneton

Basic paradigms

Most cases are directed to affixes/nouns.lexc

Lexica for the non-uniform cases