Proper nouns

Proper nouns are morphologically indistinct subset of nouns. They have some orthographical differences, required capitalisations and compounding with hyphens. The derivations may lowercase. They may be classified semantically to match other giellatekno things in the future.

Proper nouns examples:

  • Kalle: Kalle+N+Prop+Sg+Nom
  • Joensuu: Joensuu+N+Prop+Sg+Nom

details see noun-stems.html. The proper nouns are classified and inflected along noun patterns, for

Many of Proper nouns inflect like nouns... however, compound differently

Nouns 20 ä examples:

  • Hyvinkää: Hyvinkää+N+Prop+Sg+Nom (Eng. # Hyvinkää)
  • Hyvinkäätä: Hyvinkää+N+Prop+Sg+Par
  • Hyvinkäähän: Hyvinkää+N+Prop+Sg+Ill
  • Hyvinkääseen: Hyvinkää+N+Prop+Sg+Ill