Ojibwe Grammatical Tags

The following grammatical tags are used for Ojibwe:

Parts of speech

(Only verbs are implemented so far)

+N Noun
+V Verb
+A Adjective
+Adv Adverb
+CC Conjunction
+CS Subjunction
+Interj Interjection
+Pron Pronoun
+Num Numeral

Verbal categories


+IA Intransitive with animate subject
+II Intransitive with inanimate subject
+TA Transitive with animate object
+TI Transitive with inanimate object


+Prs Present
+Fut Future
+Prt Preterite (Past)
+Prf Perfective
+Ind Indicative
+Imp Imperative
+Sbj Subjunctive
+Imm Immediate
+Int Interdiction
+Dur Durative


+1Sg First singular
+2Sg Second singular
+3Sg Third singular
+3oSg Third singular obviative
+3iSg Third singular indefinite
+1Pl First plural exclusive (we, not you)
+2Pl Second plural
+3Pl Third plural
+3oPl Third plural obviative
+3iPl Third plural indefinite
+12Pl First plural inclusive (I, you, ...)
+1SgO First singular objective
+2SgO Second singular objective
+3SgO Third singular objective
+SgO Singular objective (underspecified person)
+3oSgO Third singular objective obviative
+3iSgO Third singular objective indefinite
+1PlO First plural exclusive (we, not you) objective
+2PlO Second plural objective
+3PlO Third plural objective
+PlO Plural objectve (underspecified person)
+3oPlO Third plural obviative objective
+3iPlO Third plural indefinite objective
+Inf Infinitive
+Pos Positive
+Neg Negative
+ConNeg Negative Converb (needed?)

Nominal categories


+NA Animate noun
+NI Inanimate noun

Number - case

+Sg Singular
+Pl Plural
+Nom N
+Acc N
+Gen N
+Abl N
+Dat N
+Abe N
+Adc N
+Ins N
+Apr N
+Ine N
+Ill N
+Ela N
+Egr N
+Prl N
+Apr N
+Com N
+Cns N
+Tra N
+Ter N
+Ord N

Possessor forms

+PxSg1 N
+PxSg2 N
+PxSg3 N
+PxPl1 N
+PxPl2 N
+PxPl3 N