This page documents conventions, standards and relevant workflows used for archiving the Freiburg-Tromsø Corpora at TLA.


The Language Archive (TLA) is a unit of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen/The Netherlands working, among other things, with archiving resources on endangered languages and cultures.

The Freiburg-based documentation projects archive their video and audio ressources along with metadata at TLA.

TLA Website.

Workflow for Archiving at TLA

Data Standards for Archiving at TLA

  • Raw data
  • Catalogue metadata
  • Content metadata

Access to Data Archived at TLA

Access to catalogue metadata at TLA is always free, although personal information on actors might be anonymized.

Raw data and content metadata (e.g. annotations) belongs to one of the following four types:

  • Open Resources
    • Access is free (marked green)
  • Restricted Open Resources
    • Access is free after registration (marked yellow)
  • Protected Open Resources
    • Access can be requested (marked orange)
  • (Closed Resources)
    • No access (marked red)

Only the first three access levels are relevant to the Freiburg-Tromsø Corpora.