Wikipedia As Corpus

This page explains how to fetch whole Wikipedias as raw text

Do the following:

  1. Find the language code for the language you want: It is the two-letter ISO code (se, etc.). If the language has no two-letter code, use the 3-letter code.
  2. Go to the download page. The URL is will give you North Sámi, exchange the se in sewiki with the language code you want.
  3. In the list that follows, choose the last one before latest/. The latest one is the same as the one with the last dates (it is just a stable url), the download headers are more nicely formatted in the last dated link.
  4. Download the .bz2 file found under the header Articles, templates, image descriptions, and primary meta-pages. This will give you the articles.
    If you want revision history (e.g. for spellchecker testing), you need All pages with complete edit history (this use is not documented).
  5. When downloaded, open the .bz2 file.
  6. Extract it with the script (which is in your path, in $GTHOME/gt/script/corpus/. The script has a --help option explaining usage.
  7. The output is xml. If you want clean text, you may strip the tags with some command, e.g. this one:
     ... | sed 's/<[^>]*>//g;' | ...

For convenience, we often store the last version in biggies, e.g. biggies/langs/vep/corp/vepwiki.txt. For larger wikipedias, please store only a part of it (e.g. only the files with names with an initial A (see output)).