Technical documentation for the Freiburg-Helsinki-Tromsø Speech Corpora for Sámi, Komi and other languages.

This document is meant for project collaborators. The documentation will now and then also be relevant for anyone wanting to use our corpora or the annotation tools created by us.

The documentation is written in jspwiki, learn here how to use it. Here you can read how SVN, the Giella infra subversioned data repository works.


The Freiburg-Helsinki-Tromsø Corpora are built in collaboration between the Freiburg Research Group for Sámi Studies, Kielipankki in Helsinki, Giellatekno in Tromsø, and members of the respective speech communities.

Our approach is to combine knowledge and tools from the applied fields of Language Documentation (often focussing on ARCHIVING, rather than on annotation) and Language Technology (often focussing on WRITTEN, rather than on spoken language) with the main goal to annotating systematically and making available the largest possible variety of language samples for further corpus-based applied and theoretical research.


Language documentation and description

Pite Sámi Documentation Project (PSDP)


  • Joshua Wilbur

Other (current and former) main collaborators

  • Miriam Hecker (MA student Freiburg)

Kola Sámi Documentation Project (KSDP)


  • Michael Rießler

Other (current and former) main collaborators

  • Maryna Litvak (student assistant Freiburg)
  • Julia Reitze (MA student Freiburg)
  • Evgeniya Zhivotova (PhD student Leipzig)

Izhva Komi Documentation Project (IKDP)

FU-Lab Project Wiki (in Russian/Komi)

Leaders (of corpus work)

  • Michael Rießler
  • Niko Partanen (PhD student Freiburg)

Other (current and former) main collaborators

  • Rogier Blokland (project leader Uppsala)
  • Andrej Chemyshev (FU-Lab Syktyvkar)
  • Vasili Chuprov (student assistant Syktyvkar)
  • Marina Fedina (project leader Syktyvkar)
  • Alexandra Kellner (student assistant Helsinki/Freiburg)
  • Ënyë Lav (FU-Lab Syktyvkar)

Theoretical linguistics

A Corpus-based microtypology of word order in varieties of Sámi and Kurdish (WOSK)

Leaders (of corpus work)

  • Michael Rießler
  • Hanna Thiele (PhD student)

Documentation Pages

Common documentation for our spoken data archive

Common documentation for our working repository for corpus data

Common documentation for data annotation tools

Common documentation for metadata conventions

Description of GRAID Annotation Conventions (used in WOSK)


Documentation of Related Projects in Collaboration with Giellatekno