Project Planning


  • Hanna
  • Michael


  • Freiburg


  • 30 April 2014, 4–5pm


  • the N-Kurdish texts are still in the preparing phase, ELAN -files of the digitized transcription are being annotated, but the English translation from Kurdish takes much more time than estimated
  • therefore Hanna will use only a few Kurdish texts for her pilote study, but include Skolt Saami (the Lagercrantz-texts digitized by Julia) instead, these Skolt Saami texts are all already translated and pos-tagging is almost finished
  • our working copies of the ELAN -files for the Kurdish/Skolt pilote study will be subversioned on Tromsø-SVN; copyright allows us to store the N-Kurdish data in the open domain (i.e. freecorpus)
  • however, our preliminary solution for collaborative work on the ELAN -files is still Dropbox until Hanna has her new computer with Linux/Unix and is registered at victorio

Open questions:

  • Hanna: which other Kurdish languages to include in the final study?
  • Michael: which other Saami languages to include in the final study?


  • Hanna: check wether or not there are any computational linguistic tools and/or electronic lexical databases available for Kurdish (or perhaps closely related languages)
  • Michael: adjust the ELAN -tier structure once the annotations of the first files are completed
  • Michael: create two additional tiers for GRAID 's "form" and "function" tags and document this in an appendix for the the GRAID manual

Next meeting:

  • 14 May Freiburg