The divvun server

The web service is automatically restarted by the script trunk/gt/script/restart-divvun. Sometimes this script fails, and a manual restart of the service has to be done. This is how to do it.

To do this operation smoothly, you would probably like to set up password less login

Restarting the divvun server

  • Log in as sd
  • Issue the command screen -A -r
  • Issue the command ps ax | grep java | grep sd
  • Kill all the processes that this command shows
  • Re-check that there are no java processes going by re-issuing the ps ax ... command, and kill remaining processes listed by that command
  • Go to the $HOME/trunk/xtdoc/sd directory, if you are not there already
  • Issue the command forrest run &>divvun.log

by Børre Gaup