Access To Private Git

The infrastructure for building mobile apps and signing macOS and iOS software relies partially on Fastlane. And to make this work across a developer team we use shared credentials using fastlane match. We call this setup Divvunlane.

Below is the procedure for how to add a new user that should have access to the private divvunlane git repo ( divvunlane.git):

The new user must:

  • run ssh-keygen -t rsa
  • send the content of ~/.ssh/ to a person with write access to the git repo gitosis-admin (presently Børre and Sjur)

The administrator must:

  • either:
    • git clone
    • or
    • git pull in gitosis-admin
  • Add a new file: keydir/ containing all and only the from the new user; this must be done for every computer the user is using (one git user pr user pr machine)
  • Add the USER in gitosis.conf under the [divvunlane] tag
  • Commit and push these changes

The new user can now clone divvunlane. On first checkout the new user must write the certificate encryption password. Ask Sjur or Børre for the password.

To actually clone and install the certificate to sign software you must use fastlane with the command fastlane match in a dir containing a Matchfile. This can be found in any of the $GTHOME/keyboards/XXX/ios/ dirs.