The svn setup requires a few things on the server:

  • apache http server - that is, a full web server, and port 80 open
  • discusss the svn setup with the IT guys:
    • can we do it?
    • more external access - is that ok?
  • some additional httpd plugins
  • we want restricted access to some parts of the repo (basically the polderland directories, since some of the content there is under legal embargo)

Access methods:

  • http: //-tilgang for alle (dvs anonym) - visse katalogar blokkert - berre les
  • https: //-tilgang for registrerte brukarar - visse katalogar ev. blokkert for nokre brukarar, les-skriv


  • from the OS (such that users in a certain group is automatically included)
  • from an AuthUser list/file (to allow "random" external users write access)

Find out what httpd modules are needed to support such a setup.