Adding users to svn (all files documented here are on gtsvn)

Adding or changing user and the password

sudo htpasswd -m /etc/subversion/svn-auth-file sally
New password: *******
Re-type new password: *******
Adding password for user sally

Add the user on the commmitters line in the file /etc/subversion/svn-authz. Relevant user info is found in admin in a private folder -- and should be kept.

Adding users to the svn mailing alias

Optionally, add the user to the alias samicvs in the file /etc/aliases, and run the program newaliases.

Adding new aliases for svn mail (i.e., new sets of files to send mail about to different users)

New aliases for groups of files for svn should be added to the file /etc/aliases. Thereafter, they will be used in the so-called post-commit hook (i.e. their svn messages will be sent to the members of the alias in question. Do as follows:

  • Make a new alias aliasname for svn mail by adding a new line in the file /etc/aliases in this format aliasname:, The aliasname may be the relevant directory, e.g. chr
  • Copy the last line of the post-commit script (the file /home/svn/langtech/hooks/post-commit), add the copy as a new last line of the same file, and change the path following -m to the path with the files you want to be covered by the alias. Change the address to aliasname@localhost. The resulting line should look like this:
    • LC_ALL=se_NO.UTF-8 "$REPOS" "$REV" -m "<path of interest>" -h "" -s langtech aliasname@localhost
  • The post-commit scripts are here:
    • /home/svn/langtech/hooks/post-commit
    • /home/svn/biggies/hooks/post-commit
    • /home/svn/dasago/hooks/post-commit
    • /home/svn/freecorpus/hooks/post-commit
    • /home/svn/boundcorpus/hooks/post-commit
    • /home/svn/private/hooks/post-commit
    • /home/svn/speech/hooks/post-commit
TODO: Document the implementation of this

by Børre Gaup