Getting Started On Windows

Since Windows 10, Anniversary Update 2018 (?), it is possible to install a (near) full Linux system on Windows. Follow the following instructions to install Linux/bash on Windows 10:

Then follow the instructions for Linux to get the things you need for participating in the development of language technology tools. Note that if you only want to use the tools, you may instead just download the analysers, see the page on linguistic analysis

In order to participate in the development work, you need an editor. jEdit should be fine (requires Java, but that is already recommended for our infrastructure, and should be in place when you have come this far.

Any other editor should be fine as well.

Deprecated:Windows setup for Windows 8 and older

You need Cygwin. To set it up and install most needed software, follow these instructions.

When Cygwin is installed, continue within Cygwin as on Linux.

Be warned: Cygwin is slow, and it is not the optimal way of working with our linguistic infrastructure. But it should work.