Dont Panic

This page is for people with access to the Tromsø servers!

What to do if ...

The servers are down

Get them up and running

  • For the gtsvn-01, gtlab, gtoahpa-01, gtweb-01 servers at
    • Call IT, Seksjon for applikasjoner og tjenester (see plan/admin/emergency.txt)
  • For the xserve, the server
    • Call Børre Gaup (the server is in the cellar under the A wing, second door to the left)

Restart processes afterward

The following processes need to be restarted, and in the following way.

Test that everything is ok


(We want automatic testing of web service availability.)

A server is very slow

  • Log in to the machine via ssh and find out which processes are using most CPU resource by giving the command:

The output looks something like

15221 neahtta   20   0  512m 303m 2848 R 19.2  3.9   2:24.15 python
 9405 neahtta   20   0  512m 303m 2848 S 13.9  3.9   1:28.60 python
 6239 mysql     20   0  896m 185m 5500 S  0.3  2.4  19:10.63 mysqld

Observe the column %CPU. If some of the processes remains in the top of the table with a high value in this column then this is obviously the cause of the problem. To get more information about the problematic process give the command

    ps -fp ''PID''

where you replace PID by the concrete number, e.g. 15221 in the given example.

If it is an Oahpa (python2.7) process then you can see from this output which Oahpa it is. First, you can try to restart the particular Oahpa instance. After doing that check with command top if the problem has disappeared. If not then you can stop the process using the command

    kill ''PID''

(requires sudo rights)

Analysers do not work

  • The analysers are in /opt/smi. Check that they work, and recompile if they don't.
    • One possible error source is mismatch between compiled programs and compilers that use them. The pipeline is documented in the cgi-bin documentation.
    • The naming conventions for fsts when compiled ("new") and in the web directories ("old") are found here

The svn application is down, yet the gtsvn server is up-n-running (test it by logging into the server)

  • error messages
sme$ svnup
Updating '/Users/xxxxxx/gtsvn':
svn: E000060: Unable to connect to a repository at URL ''
svn: E000060: Error running context: Operation timed out
  • log into the gtsvn server
  • find the processes running
[root@gtsvn ~]# lsof -i | grep http
httpd     26024    apache    4u  IPv6    15925      0t0  TCP *:http (LISTEN)
httpd     26024    apache    6u  IPv6    15929      0t0  TCP *:8099 (LISTEN)
httpd     26024    apache    8u  IPv6    15935      0t0  TCP *:https (LISTEN)
  • kill them
[root@gtsvn ~]# kill -KILL 26024
  • start the service anew
ot@gtsvn ~]# service httpd start
Starting httpd:                                            [  OK  ]

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