Site Build Problems

The sites to check

These sites are built on the xserve

Check the Last Published date in the lower right corner on the sites above. It should not be more than 24 hours old. If it is, the site has not rebuilt properly.

Invalid xml files

  • run forrest validate in one of the xtdoc/ directories
  • run forrest and check the onscreen log

Other reasons

If the xml files are valid, then there probably is a problem with one of the .jspwiki files

Check the build logs on the xserve

  • /Users/sd/gtsvn/xtdoc/divvun/buildlogyyyy-mm-dd-tt-mm
  • techdoc: /Users/sd/gtsvn/xtdoc/techdoc/buildlogyyyy-mm-dd-tt-mm
  • /Users/sd/gtsvn/xtdoc/
  • giellatekno: /Users/gtuit/gtsvn/xtdoc/gtuit/buildlogyyyy-mm-dd-tt-mm
  • oahpa: /Users/gtuit/gtsvn/ped/buildlogyyyy-mm-dd-tt-mm
  • dicts: /Users/gtuit/gtsvn/xtdoc/dicts/buildlogyyyy-mm-dd-tt-mm