Meeting about Oahpa 2.9.2016

with Trond, Ryan, Tiina, Lene

  • Course inlogging
  • Workshop

Course inlogging

was made for North Saami

  • get it to work,
  • write documentation for working with it
    • a kind of starting kit, there to find the last working state and some working accounts
    • cookie from kursa


  • Ryan will write docu for this very soon
  • Old documentation
    • This document seem to be discussion about different alternatives, on an early stage of the work
    • Buddypress-courseware - NOTE: we evaluated it but don't use it in WordPress

The link I found in old documentation: http: //testing.oahpa.no/courses_davvi/courses/standard_login/
- is it the right address? or the http: //oahpa.no/davvi/courses/login/ ?

Are there other possibilities to log in to Oahpa other than using Wordpress kursa?

Workshop in Tromsø

September 19-23.


  • Ryan will send information about flights to Trond
  • All will write more in the Notes and ideas-document

Notes and ideas

"Multiple dialects of Oahpa – aiming for Oahpa 2.0"

We also have other tools for several languages now

  • Korp
  • tts
  • corpora
  • dictionaries
  • analysers
  • spellcheckers
  • grammarcheckers

These are resources that should be considered for building a larger e-learning environment