ICALL workshop October 2013


Monday 30.9 9.00-12.00:Be aquanted to UiT and Giellatekno/Divvun

  • Trond and Lene: Giellatekno and Divvun, Saami languages, education in Saami

Tuesday 1.10:10.00-16.00:

Wednesday 2.10:9.00-13.00

Thursday 3.10:08.30-

  • Russian Oahpa
  • Saami Oahpa

Evening: Saami theater


Rob and Detmar discussion

Tuesday 9.00-15.00

Wednesday 9.00-

(trond away)

  • Lene and Detmar discussion
  • Cip and Detmar discussion about linearization



Active projects

  1. Sami language learning, and resources focused on learners:
    1. Oahpa + icall
    2. Saami view + icall
    3. Oahpa for other lgs: Russian, Estonian, other Saami lgs
  2. Sami L1 topics and broad coverage resources: basic:
    1. fst basic work for new languages (west: Canada; east: Saami, Russia)
    2. fst-based dictionaries, adding sound
    3. cg basic work for sme, ...
    4. text-to-speech (Divvun)
    5. dictionary enhancement
  3. applied:
    1. CorpDict: using corpus resources to illustrate/document (for learners? for natives?)
    2. Machine translation (also an application to NFR) sme2smX
    3. Estonian project: icall + MT
    4. grammar checker L1 (Divvun)
  4. Sami language learners and L1:
    1. spellchecking (both divvun but also icall-related)