Notes for new oahpa code

Plan for the week

The three initial questions:

  1. What do we want: Requirements
  2. What does the code look like now
  3. How do we modularise it and get what we want

The week


  • pronounciation program
  • Vocabulary learning programs


  • Programmer's time - overview of what files we have (please document also)
  • 11.00 teacher and student coming
  • Grammar






  • Plan: what will happen forward
    • who will do what, time plan, next meeting...


  1. What do we want: Requirements
    1. What the users want (Tuesday 10.15 )
      1. Interface
      2. development environment
      3. mobile phones/tablets
      4. Tools, possibilities
      5. Who are the learners? The target group
    2. What the programmer/linguist want
      1. Implementation of new languages
      2. Maintenance (e.g. according to the FST)
      3. New tasks
  2. What does the code look like now
  3. How do we modularise it and get what we want
  4. Course inlogging
    1. Now only for North Saami
  5. Do we want to continue with Leksa?
    1. Improve Leksa ourselves (learn from other programs)?
    2. Add the word pairs to another program and add the url to our users?
    3. Make our version of an open source program?
      Cf an overview of relevant software
  6. Pronounciation
    1. Hear the words/sentences
    2. Dictation
    3. Compare my pronunciation to the recorded one
    4. Spectogram feedback
    5. http: //
  7. Documentation
  8. Test scripts
    1. testing that nothing is broken
    2. testing the new items

Performance problems


Not working properly.

Category dependencies

They are difficult to implement as it is now. (interconnections)

Planning content


Notes from discussions