Friday Notes


Before lunch

  • Database model details

Last session (after lunch):

  • Scan in more schemes and add to SVN
  • Where to start?
    • look at frontend and backend schemes
    • action points, order, time, planning
  • Start up django project and initial modules in icall/oahpa/
  • Divide the project subtasks and milestones between Tiina, Ryan and Heli
    • how much time everyone has
    • time span forward
    • deadlines for milestones
  • future organization (tools: trello, slack, etc.)
  • stakeholders (Russian instructors and representatives)
  • pilot language: Russian, test languages: North Saami, other Saami languages


First goal:Topic -> Exercise rounds:"Leksa" exercise types.

  • Working demo for some part of Russian, and a demo for some part of North Saami

General steps

  • Linguistic database: Lexicon and morphology models
  • linguistic database: some unittests for data relationships
  • Linguistic database install: initial word and feature models, with extensibility
  • linguistic database install: FST generation of wordforms from lookup server
  • Frontend: topic list view, task list (exercises) view(s)
  • backend: topic list view data structure
  • backend: exercise question and answer format
  • backend: exercise submission format
  • backend: exercise question generation for "Leksa" with types (text -> text, text -> multiple choice)
  • backend: exercise answer validation for these types

Working on modules, task assignment:

  • (lene: wednesday, sept 28) first learning package for saami
  • (lene, trond) looking at leksa logging
  • (tiina) backend linguistics database
  • (tiina) backend users database
  • (tiina) backend configuration - source data, language rules, metadata
  • (heli) backend generation
  • (heli) backend answers
  • (ryan) frontend views
  • (ryan) frontend templates
  • (ryan) frontend basic css
  • (ryan) frontend connections to backend
  • (ryan) lookup server copy / integration
  • (robert) first learning package for russian
  • (lene, robert) start with error FSTs for Oahpa for Numra and lexicon - north saami, russian


Don't be afraid to ask people to contribute

  • level model must contain
    • task objects for words, grammar to display
    • amount of questions to answer
    • types of exercises to present
    • percentages of new, old, and missed words to present
  • level that is a test

Next Meeting

11. Oct 2016, Minnesota: 08.00, Norway/Sweden: 15.00

Initial project setup

  • create virtual environment
  • initialize django structure
  • initialize main apps:
    • backend
    • frontend
  • initialize backend sub-apps:
    • linguistics database
    • configuration
    • generation
    • answers
  • initialize frontend sub-apps:
    • topics
    • exercises
    • pages

Technical notes

Starting up with django

virtualenv env

first time only: django-admin startproject oahpa

then, create apps with: python startapp

Sketching things out

Database model details

Database model sketches

  • Answer validation models
  • Question/Answer generation models
  • user interaction backend models?

Today's schemes:

Database model sketch discussion

Answer validation models

  • How do we handle parallel forms. Possibilities:
    • Form-Form relationship: table containing relationship type, and form connections
    • canonical tag vs. detailed tags: +V+Prs+Sg1 ~ +V+Prs+Sg1+Orth/Etc: use the canonical tags to find all parallel forms, and then the detailed tags to determine the difference

Question/Answer generation models:

  • whether or not sentence generation needs to select relevant forms: are the templates for questions overspecified or underspecified for morphology tasks?

User interaction models:

  • topics should be enough to get back to the 'old' oahpa of specified training

http: //

Next meeting

Meeting time:
Minnesota: 0800 -> ( = 15 -> Norw time