The project uses the bug database program Bugzilla (general info on bugzilla can be found at www.bugzilla.org. Our bug database is installed at the HUM-fak web server, here:

Following this link brings you to our bug database. It is easier to use via a graphical web browser (Safari, Netscape) than via lynx, although you may use it with lynx as well.

If you don't have access to it yet, go to the url in question (with a graphical browser), and log in. Bugzilla will ask four your email address as user name, and mail you a password (which you may change later on). Then there is a

Informal rules of thumb for using Bugzilla

  1. If you find a bug, see if you can fix it yourself, at once.
  2. If you cannot fix it, or you cannot fix it just now, go to Bugzilla
  3. Check that the bug is not already reported, and
  4. report the bug.

And remember that the project also has a news group server, at news.uit.no. Principled questions and errors without clear answers should be discussed there (you may of course both report a bug in bugzilla and open a discussion in the news group if you find that appropriate).

by Trond Trosterud