Unix etc. for new users

Unix etc. for new users

Some crash courses for new unix users

Brief documentation on the different tools:

  • Editors to write and edit files (use SubEthaEdit or emacs).
    • SubEthaEdit (no documentation written yet)
    • emacs written for emacs novices
  • SVN, version control, to work on the same file,
  • A bug database, Bugzilla, to report bugs.

A general advice: Buy the book UNIX in a Nutshell (or LINUX in a nutshell).

Obsolete documentation

Here we document some tools that we no longer use. They are kept here for purely nostalgic reasons.

  • lynx, to read the documentation,
  • links, another, slightly more user-friendly way of reading the documentation,
  • RCS, andother version control system, to work on the .cgi files,

Literature on Linux

tbw. OReilly books, online links, etc.