Commands For Grammar Checker Developers

Non-linguistic commands

update vislcg3, hfst, etc.

su service
cd source
sudo ./

update grammarchecker tools, vislcg3, hfst, apertium (also for Duommá)

sudo curl | bash


cd divvun-suggest
git pull
sudo bash scripts/mac-build

svn issues

resolve treeconflicts in the svn

svn revert file
svn up


svn revert --depth infinity dir
svn up

get modes to work

cd $GTHOME/langs/sme/tools/grammarcheckers
make dev

make options in sme

check which kind of options there are in ones make configuration

grep '/configure' $GTHOME/langs/sme/config.log

possible make configuration

cd $GTHOME/langs/sme
./configure --with-hfst --without-xfst --enable-grammarchecker \
--enable-alignment --enable-reversed-intersect

make commands

cd $GTHOME/langs/sme
time make -j
cd $GTHOME/giella-shared/

make hfst only

cd $GTHOME/langs/sme/src
time make -j analyser-gramcheck-gt-desc.hfstol

Working on websites

cd $GTHOME/xtdoc/commontechdoc

in Safari:


Install grammar checker in LibreOffice (Mac)

  • Get newest version: (Link from Sjur in Zulip)
  • Open LibreOffice
  • Tools>Extension Manager>Writing aids based on Divvun 5.0
  • Remove
  • Restart LibreOffice
  • Tools>Extension Manager>Add>Downloads>divvun-...oxt (newest downloaded version)
  • Restart LibreOffice