How To Build Tex Hyphenators

NB! This is information from the old infrastrucure (from a Readme file). It will be updated to reflect the new infra as things are transferred and made to work properly.

This dir contains files to produce TeX hyphenation patterns, using the tool patgen (included in most *TeX distributions).


cd $GTHOME/gt/
make GTLANG=sme texpatterns

*** Building sme-hyph.dic ***

touch sme/hytex/sme-hyph.dic
cp -f sme/hytex/sme-hyph.dic sme/hytex/sme.pat
patgen sme/bin/hyphenated-wordlist.dic sme/hytex/sme.pat sme/hytex/sme-hyph.dic sme/hytex/sme.tra
This is PATGEN, Version 2.4 (TeX Live 2011/MacPorts 2011_5)
left_hyphen_min = 1, right_hyphen_min = 2, 41 letters
0 patterns read in
pattern trie has 334 nodes, trie_max = 427, 0 outputs

When asked, answer with the following values (integers with spaces between):

hyph_start, hyph_finish: 1 2
pat_start, pat_finish: 2 4
good weight, bad weight, threshold: 1 1 1

You may have to answer the last two questions twice, the second time after some processing. Finally, you may print a hyphenated test file by answering 'y' to the final question.

That's it.