MS Office Hyphenation Documentation

Hyphenation is provided for both supported languages, North and Lule Sámi, and is installed automatically together with the spellers. See the page dedicated to proofing tools installation for further details.

Basic architecture

Technically, the hyphenation engines and lexicons are the same as in the InDesign installation, and the engines are delivered by Polderland. The hyphenation lexicons are compiled by the Divvun project for the Polderland engine.

The hyphenation tool consists of the following components:

  • a hyphenation engine
  • a word-list lexicon with compounding support
  • a pattern-based fall-back component for unrecognised words

The word-list lexicon is generated from our transducer sources, and is exactly the same as the speller lexicon (which contains hyphenation points). The hyphenation points are mostly added by a rule-based component, with exceptional hyphenation explicitly added to the lexicon entries. The hyphenator can be tested independently on this page.

This means that all words recognised by the speller should hyphenate correctly - always. And all other words should hyphenate correctly in most cases. All in all the hyphenation precision should be around 99,9 % or better. Anything else is a bug, and should be reported to us via e-mail or Bugzilla.