OmegaTT Developer Info

Mac App Bundling

HfstTokenizer can be compiled together with OmegaT and bundled into Mac App. Follow these instructions:

  1. Download OmegaT 3.x source code, not 4.x here
  2. Get appbundler used by OmegaT from here. This needs Java 1.7
    1. install this into ~/.ant/lib/
    2. this appbundler needs JavaAppLauncher and jre-mac-root to be defined in OMEGAT_ASSETS_DIR folder, which is searched from environmental variables. If not found in this folder the build process looks one folder down from where you installed OmegaT sources.
      1. jre-mac-root is a soft link to the folder where Java Runtime libraries are found
  3. Download thread safe version of hfst lookup library and put it to OMEGAT_SRC_FOLDER/lib where OMEGAT_SRC_FOLDER is the folder you just installed the OmegaT source files. here
  4. Copy and to OMEGAT_SRC_FOLDER/src/org/omegat/tokenizer where OMEGAT_SRC_FOLDER is the folder you just installed the OmegaT source files.
    1. Modify files package name if needed
    2. Remove throws IOException from getTokenStream method and correct StandardTokenizer constructor call
    3. diff against 4.x (see diffs below)
  5. Add hfst-ol.jar to (details below)
  6. Add lib/hfst-ol.jar entry to 's Class-Path variable
  7. run ant mac in OmegaT source folder, the one where you installed OmegaT


< package org.omegat.tokenizer;
> package no.divvun.tokenizer;
> import org.omegat.tokenizer.BaseTokenizer;
> import org.omegat.tokenizer.Tokenizer;
<           final boolean stopWordsAllowed) {
<     StandardTokenizer tokenizer = new StandardTokenizer(getBehavior(),
<                         new StringReader(strOrig));
<     // tokenizer.setReader(new StringReader(strOrig));
>           final boolean stopWordsAllowed) throws IOException {
>     StandardTokenizer tokenizer = new StandardTokenizer();
>     tokenizer.setReader(new StringReader(strOrig));
<       return new HfstStemFilter(new StandardTokenizer(getBehavior(),
<                     new StringReader(strOrig)), transducer);
>       return new HfstStemFilter(tokenizer, transducer);
    < package org.omegat.tokenizer;
    > package no.divvun.tokenizer;
    > import org.apache.lucene.util.AttributeSource.State;
    <       for (String s : res) {
    < //      res.forEach(anal -> {
    <         String stem = s.substring(0, s.indexOf("+"));
    >       res.forEach(anal -> {
    >         String stem = anal.substring(0, anal.indexOf("+"));
    <       }
    >       });

    Add the following for hfst-ol.jar to template:

    Name: org.omegat.tokenizer.HfstTokenizer
    OmegaT-Plugin: tokenizer