Updating Apertium On Gtweb

See the gtweb-apy-conf README for full documentation on how the MT pairs on gtweb are installed and updated, and how the html pages and APY MT server are configured and kept up-to-date (as well as other system configuration files that were altered to make everything work).

In summary:

  • language pairs are installed using the "dnf" command, and come from from Tino's nightly packages
  • every morning, "dnf-automatic" runs an upgrade of all packages (including language pairs), and restarts the APY MT server to load the new data
  • if you install *new* language pairs, you have to run "sudo /home/apy/update" afterwards to make them appear in http: //gtweb.uit.no/mt-testing/ (while the configuration files in gtweb-apy-conf specify that e.g. jorgal only translates Northern Saami→Norwegian, and tolkimine only translates Finnish⇆Estonian)