North Saami South Saami Machine Translation

This page documents gt aspects of sme-sma machine translation.

Cf. also the Apertium page for sme-sma MT.

  • Achieved so far: Presented a paper in Inari in September 2013.
  • Made a demo (under mt/testing)
  • Source files in Apertium

Apertium MT course

Work plan

  • Prerequisites
    • Install, compile and set up the existing smesma
    • Add the 3000-or-so new word pairs
    • Collect texts from relevant domains, make sme-sma wordlists from them
    • Make a missing transfer list and add words
    • contrast closed categories and defective paradigms * tlemma+tag -- lemma+tag correspondences
    • harmonise and document tags
  • Actual work
    • ... translate - evaluate - fix lexicons - (re)write rules ...
    • etc.




translation analysis