MaintainingSVN Ignores

There are typically two maintenance cases. You want to:

  • set some (default) svn:ignore on a new directory
  • change the svn:ignore on a directory from the default/existing to something new

Both will be described below.

Two notes before you begin:

Make sure the variable GIELLA_TEMPLATES is set in your .profile file. If not, add export GIELLA_TEMPLATES=/path/to/$GTHOME/giella-templates/langs-templates to .profile.

Your langs/Makefile may be outdated. If in doubt, update it. In your *langs/ catalogue, do the following:

./ && ./configure

Then you should be ready to begin.

Set svn:ignore

The following two commands update the svn:ignore property for all dirs in all languages in the langs/ catalogue are (do cd startup-langs etc for the others):

cd langs/
make svnignores

How it works

The make target loops over all languages defined in the make variable ALL_LANGS in the file langs/, checks that the language directory exists, and then calls a template-specific shell script ( $GIELLA_CORE/scripts/ in the case of langs/ dirs, $GIELLA_CORE/scripts/ in the case of prooftesting/ dirs).

After you have run the above commands, all dirs will have updated svn:ignore properties, but usually this applies only to one or a few dirs per language - all the other directories got updated to the same ignore patterns that they already had.

Default ignore pattern

The following snippet shows the default ignore pattern for the langs type of svn:ignore:


# [...]



There are some dirs that have manually set svn:ignore properties. At the moment these dirs must be manually reverted before the whole svn:ignore update is committed.

Please review the changes before committing them!

Change svn:ignore

To change the actual ignore patterns, you must change the shell scripts that set them. They are the ones mentioned earlier:

  • $GTCORE/scripts/
  • $GTCORE/scripts/

They are applied to the template type as indicated by the last part of their filename (langs or prooftesting).

Open the desired file, edit it following the code structure that is there, and when done, run the svn: ignore commands described above. Look for the name of the folder you want to change svn:ignore for, and add the required strings.

NB! Remember to commit the changes to these scripts after you have edited them! And do commit the changes to each and every catalogue that got new ignore patterns.